“Winter Always Turns to Spring”

It took me a while to understand the true meaning of this phrase, given to us by Nichiren Daishonin. But as I progressed in my practice of chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, I was able to relate to it through my own life experiences and understand the significance of the cyclical pattern of seasons as relating to the forward movement one makes once they decide to uphold the Mystic Law in their lives.

Like the natural cycle of seasons, with no reverse motion, one who practices with faith will never recede but keep progressing towards their aim of attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime.

Nichiren Daishonin very beautifully explained the concept of attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime through chanting The Mystic Law, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. He assured people that those who uphold the Mystic Law, will never fail to become Buddhas or remain in the deluded state of an ordinary, unenlightened person.

Those who believe in the Lotus Sutra are as if in winter BUT Winter always turns to Spring.

Winter has never and will never turn back to Autumn.

The same way, a believer in the Lotus Sutra will never turn into an ordinary (unenlightened) person.

Here, Nichiren Daishonin is trying to use the seasonal cycle, from winter to spring, for us to understand the true path to attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime. Once we have accepted and started believing in the Lotus Sutra, chanting with all our faith in it, we are sure to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime (Spring) despite the various challenges posed to our practice by our environment and/or our own Karma (Winter). The trials of Winter will be unavoidable when we decide to soar into a brilliant springtime based on our faith in the Mystic Law. But we will surely succeed in reaching Spring !


“If there are those who hear the Law, then not a one will fail to attain Buddhahood”.

The Buddha promises in the Lotus Sutra that without a single exception, those who hear and embrace the Mystic Law, will attain Buddhahood.


This article is inspired by but not a replica of the article published in the book, “Basics of Buddhism 2014”. It is my own interpretation of the experience I have had as a practitioner of the Mystic Law over the last few years.

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