The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Daily Gongyo and Daimoku!

Oftentimes members, young and old, end up feeling guilty for having missed their Daily Gongyo and Daimoku. Nine out of ten times, the reason seems to be either tiredness due to demanding work schedules or some sort of illness.

So should one be “feeling guilty” at all, for having missed their Daily Gongyo and Daimoku, whatever may have been the reasons ?

The best advice you could ever get about this comes from Daisaku Ikeda himself!

Like a very caring Father, he helps us understand that we are blessed with the “Right” to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and do our Daily Gongyo & Daimoku.  It is not an obligation on us to perform this daily, like our other daily chores or even our office job! Instead, it is ‘our right’ to perform our Daily Gongyo and Daimoku!

There could be days when our work pressure or illness does not allow us to devote our planned time for chanting. In such cases, there is “no need to feel guilty” of having missed our Daily Gongyo and Daimoku.

Sensei advises us, in such cases, to have the right intent and squeeze out just a few minutes from our busy schedule to chant a single Daimoku (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo)At times when we feel unable to chant at all, let’s follow Sensei’s best advice to chant a single Daimoku, with all our heart and soul into it!

It is the heart that really matters! The intention and the devotion with which one chants even a single Daimoku, is all that really matters!!

Next time if you miss your Daily Gongyo & Daimoku, do not feel guilty at all. Just chant once, with all your heart and soul, in that very moment. Even one Daimoku has infinite power to permeate the entire universe!

The Daishonin says, “If you recite these words of the Daimoku once, then the Buddha nature of all living beings will be summoned and gather around you“. (MW-5,112)

A word of caution though for all of us is, not to make it a daily practice to chant just a single Daimoku daily! Let the days when there isn’t sufficient time to chant be just an “exception” and not a daily occurrence.

Happy Chanting ❤

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


This article is based on my understanding and interpretation of The Mystic Law, from my own experience and from books published by SGI. 

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Shiti Gautam

Shiti Gautam is a member of Singapore Soka Association (an affiliate of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), Japan) since Dec 2013. Through this website & an Android app, TogetherWeChant(SGI Buddhism), she & her friend aim to contribute to Worldwide Kosenrufu through the Online platform. These two have a Mission of "1M.1M", which aims to help 1 Million people connect globally & chant 1 Million Daimoku each, not only for their own victory but for the victory of others too !
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2 thoughts on “The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Daily Gongyo and Daimoku!

  1. Manisha Samal Reply

    I ve been trying gongyo and dimoku since almost 7months with out result..what could be the reason

    • Shiti Gautam Post authorReply

      Have you tried connecting with a district and actually sitting with others to chant and get your Goals reviewed as well? I do not know how you practice but we could connect over FB & then try to achieve your Goals Together! Cheers!

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