Can Success in Exams be achieved simply through chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo?

“Nothing is achieved without serious effort. There is no easy road to learning. Study so hard that you surprise everyone” – Ikeda Sensei (Discussions on Youth Vol.2)
This is the way any student should be thinking, while preparing for exams or even during their normal study times.
If there is a particular university or college that the student is aiming to get into or clearing a specific exam, then they “must study hard enough to achieve success”! They need to make an extra effort to succeed and remember to study “many times harder than others”. Just playing and dreaming won’t get the student anywhere near to achieving his or her dreams/goals.
Sensei mentions that it is a huge mistake to compare Academic Study and Faith. If a student thinks he or she doesn’t need to study hard just because they are chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, then that attitude is just not correct! It is indeed misguided thinking and is a form of escapism😑
He further says that when it comes to study, the person who studies hardest is the one who succeeds. This is like a ’cause and effect’ phenomenon which means the student is creating a reason for him/her to succeed – the “hard work” they are willing to put in. Faith, on the other hand, is what forges the spirit to undergo and endure this hard work and effort put into studying.
He also gives a very nice example of a Rice Cooker. Just sitting in front of it and praying forever without putting in the rice in the cooker won’t bring you any success in getting nicely cooked fluffy rice from it🤔🙄 Similarly, even if we have all the faith in the world, but we don’t study hard enough, we will never get anywhere academically.
Self-satisfaction during study time is very important, no matter what others say or advise. If we are satisfied that we have given it our best shot ever, then that in itself is a Victory…this is what I personally feel, for every project or endeavor we choose for ourselves in life.
So let us put in the “hard work” when we study, in order to achieve the success we are aiming for, as we also keep exerting ourselves in Faith, chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. And we must strive to “be the best” in whatever it is we choose to do in life and whatever direction we want to give to our life.
We must put in so much hard work that at the end of it all we can proudly declare to ourselves, “I have won”!!
This article has been inspired by parents and students who want to achieve success, especially during the stressful exam time. Thank You for having helped me reach out to so many others also facing the same, across the world.
Inspiration from Discussions on Youth Vol 2 by Daisaku Ikeda
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Shiti Gautam

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    Hello Shiti Gautam.
    I am Aarti Kotak from BSG Mumbai
    Practicing this life transforming philosophy since 11yrs.
    I would like to be a part of this blog and contribute towards world wide Kosen Rufu.

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