5 Fantastic Qualities of “Achievable” Goals!


A Dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL !

Have you assigned dates for your dreams to come true? No?? What are you waiting for?

Let’s get you started with Creating these dates to help you achieve your dreams or Goals!

5 Fantastic Qualities you don’t want to miss out on, for your Goals to be so much more easily achievable:

  1. SPECIFIC Goals:

It is of utmost importance to really have a “Specific” Goal – one that is clearly defined in terms of “What” is it that you really want to achieve!. No beating around the bush or generalizations allowed here! Be as specific as possible, to the extent of describing even the minutest of details. Create your Goals in your notebook, or on your very own Android App, TogetherWeChant (SGI Buddhism). Share it with others too, for them to chant for Your Victory and help you achieve your Goals sooner.

For example – You want to secure a Kosen-rufu job – be specific on the type of job you really want. It can include the name of the company you would love to work with, plus the job profile, the working hours, location & the kind of Boss too (although we hardly ever get to choose our Boss!!) But then here we are trying to be as specific as possible, at the same time not being Rigid! That means we are specifying our Goal in terms of “What” but not really describing the “How will we achieve it” aspect yet!

  1. MEASURABLE Goals:

Now as the Goal is specified, we move on to “How will we be measuring our achievement of this Goal!”. This is related to the first point where we have already specified our Goals. If those specifics are being fulfilled, we will know that we are nearing the achievement of our Goals.

In the example above, if you are getting an offer from that dream company, with a profile of your choice, at a location you would love to work – then those parameters being already met become the measurable items that will help you gauge your progress towards achieving your Goal.

  1. ACTIONABLE Goals:

Now you need to decide “What action(s) you must take in order to achieve your Goals?”. Apart from everything else, the first action for you to take is to chant NMHRK on a daily basis (morning & evening) to really exert your highest potential in sending out this desire into the Universe. Let the Buddhist Gods surround you as you chant abundant Daimoku, engaging them to bring you the achievement of this Goal. Select your Goals on TogetherWeChant App and start chanting vigorously.

For the example mentioned here, now that you are already chanting, take action in terms of creating your resume and sending it across to your dream company as well as to other openings that match your choice of job profile. Expand yourself as much as possible, leaving no stone unturned!

  1. REALISTIC Goals:

Our Goals must be realistic in the sense that they are not just for our own good, but also for the betterment of society and the world, from a larger perspective.

The Goals must be realistic enough not to hamper anyone else’s growth or success. So we do not aim for something that is achieved by ruining anyone else’s peace and harmony in their lives. We are able to develop such wisdom only though our regular practice of chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo! It helps us dwell forth the Buddhahood from within us, as we pledge to do our own Human Revolution.

It is a journey of life that we go through when we decide to create & achieve our Goals. And this is where your Android App also comes in handy – Share your Goals with the world and let them know how serious and determined you are in achieving your Goals!

You may want to go through a video to learn how to Create & Share your goals, from our YouTube Channel.

  1. TRACKABLE Goals:

Now that you have followed the above mentioned 4 Qualities while designing your Goal(s), it is very important to also note that Your Goals need to be designed in a way that their progress can be “Tracked” as well. For this, you will need to have a tracking system in place (a simple Tracker in Excel or some pointers help too!), for you to know how far you have reached in achieving your Goals. With the wisdom & courage that you dwell forth from your chanting The Mystic Law, you will always be aware of your progress in achieving your deepest desires & dreams – Your Goals.

In the example used here, of you wanting to secure your Kosen-rufu job, your tracker will start off immediately, as you create a Goal (using the above mentioned qualities), followed by your selecting a job profile from the available opportunities, sending your resume to your dream company as well as others, preparing for the interview(s) and so on. As you keep chanting all along this process, you will have the determination to give it your best shot and really Win – reach your Goal within the timeframe that you have designed for yourself.

So the next time that you create your Goals, ensure they have these 5 Fantastic Qualities already incorporated, so as to lead you to achieving that what you truly desire.

And all along this process of Goal creation, keep chanting NMHRK with the complete Faith that “Nothing is Impossible for those who steadfastly chant NMHRK”


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    Thanks Crytsal, for reading and commenting. Appreciate you! The point being made here is not to “just chant & do nothing post that”! We still need to do our part, in taking action towards fulfilling our Goals. You don’t chant to take these actions but “to accumulate good fortune” that will then allow you to transform your karma and achieve your Goals smoother & quicker. Happy Chanting!

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