JUZU BEADS – Let’s get to know these Prayer Beads even better!


           Juzu Beads are prayer beads held in the hands, in this practice of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism, as we chant Gongyo & Daimoku. From my experience, I feel it keeps one alert with full concentration as we hold the beads in our hands and focus on the recitation of The Lotus Sutra, “Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō”.

These are not just about any prayer beads but have a special significance in the way they have been designed.

Let us know them better and understand the significance of the design:

Main Body :

a) 108 beads

Significance – the 108 Earthly desires

b) 4 smaller beads

Significance – 4 great Boddhisatvas of the Earth : Jogyo, Muhengyo, Jyogyo, Anryugyo


Ends of the main body – 2 large beads each, called the “Parent beads”

a) “MOTHER” bead

-on the side with the 3 dangles

-placed over the middle finger of the right hand

-represents “MYSTIC

b) “FATHER bead

-on the side with the 2 dangles

-placed over the middle finger of the left hand

-represents “LAW”


“Absolute Truth” bead:

– one small bead sitting just below the Father bead



Third additional dangle :

– On the side of the Mother bead

– One “Kosen-rufu” bead plus 10 smaller beads, this dangle was added to distinguish Nichiren Buddhism from other sects of Buddhism

JAR” beads :

  • On the remaining 4 dangles
  • A small differently colored bead on each of the 4 dangles, which is preceeded by 5 smaller beads each.
  • Believed to hold the benefits of our practice of chanting

Kosen-rufu” beads:

  • The 5 larger beads(soft and spongy) at the end of each of the 5 dangles
  • Represents our firm determination and desire to spread The Mystic Law (kosen-rufu) throughout the World.


Significance of crossing the beads at the centre while holding them in the hands:

  • As we show our “oneness with The Mystic Law”, we are careful not to let the benefits of our practice fall off through our hands and our lives.
  • We wholeheartedly accept the truth that Buddhahood exists within each of us in our lives.


As we hold the Juzu beads in our hands and press them together in prayer form, our 10 fingers represent the 10 worlds which coexist in the life of a Buddha at any given point in time. We are the Buddha and so our life then becomes one with The Mystic Law.

People in this practice make it a point to always chant with these Juzu beads in their hands, and some people even rub them quite often as they chant. I believe this is just to bring back their concentration if the mind wanders, which is very normal.

                 So let’s start chanting and bring abundant good fortune & victory into our lives as well as the lives of so many others that we already know, along with those that we will come to know in future.


The information in this article has been gathered through articles available online but is in no way a replica of the same.



Shiti Gautam

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