How to download your very own Android app, TogetherWeChant (SGI Buddhism)!


                  Congratulations & Thank You for showing your deep interest in being a part of our  Mission, “1M.1M”, with people around the world! TogetherWeChant to attain Victories !

“1 million Lotus flowers connect & blossom through chanting 1 million Daimoku each”.

Let us now download our very own app, TogetherWeChant (SGI Buddhism), and start chanting with others & for others, attaining innumerable victories!

As it is an Android app, you may want to download it on your smartphone from Google Play store. Please note you will need to have a gmail address, with which you log into the Google Play store to be able to download the app. In case you do not have one, please create a gmail account first.

Now, as you enter the play store, just type in the first few words of the app name, TogetherWeChant, and click Go. You will now see your very own app listed in the play store. Select it and click on Install. The app will now start downloading on your phone. Once the app is fully downloaded, a shortcut icon of the app will be placed on your phone screen as well as the Open button will be activated in the play store screen (where you were downloading the app just now). You are now all set to start using the app, creating your goals, sharing them with others and start chanting ! Congratulations 😊

You may want to watch this YouTube video also, to get an easy demo to download your App.

Another option to download the app is to simply type this link in your phone’s internet browser and you will be directed to the Google Play store.


You may then follow the same steps as listed in the video, to download the App & start chanting!

“Together We Chant” with a Vision of “Your Victory is My Victory”, wherein

When we chant for the Victory of others & witness them achieving it, we experience a Joy & Happiness that is far greater than chanting just for your own self to achieve just your own goals.

Happy Chanting!



Feel free to download our Android app, TogetherWeChant(SGIBuddhism) and the audio links from our website, to become a part of our online initiative for Worldwide Kosenrufu.  You may also want to subscribe to our YouTube channel, TogetherWeChant

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Shiti Gautam

Shiti Gautam is a member of Singapore Soka Association (an affiliate of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), Japan) since Dec 2013. Through this website & an Android app, TogetherWeChant(SGI Buddhism), she & her friend aim to contribute to Worldwide Kosenrufu through the Online platform. These two have a Mission of "1M.1M", which aims to help 1 Million people connect globally & chant 1 Million Daimoku each, not only for their own victory but for the victory of others too !
To know more about chanting of The Mystic Law, read Shiti Gautam's articles on her website, under the blogs & explore sections. Testimonials are the actual proof of victories achieved for others by chanting for them. Contribute yours too!

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