Abundant Daimoku helped transform my Job Karma !


I graduated in Oct 2014, the hiring freeze period. Even though I managed to land myself a job from my previous experience from insurance industry yet it wasn’t related to what I was studying. Nevertheless, I continued to chant abundant Daimoku as I was uncertain about my future. So I kept striving hard to overcome my uncertainty about my career. At that time, in May 2015, things started to go rocky in my department & by the beginning of July 2015, as the business started slowing down with no growth at all, both my manager and I left the department, one after the other.

                 Even though I felt very dejected, somehow there was always a spark of hope that I could feel whenever I chanted.

As I couldn’t afford to be jobless, very soon I landed myself in a part time job while looking for another full time job. This time I no longer chose the industry as I invested my entire trust into the Mystic Law and just went with the flow, trusting that whatever happens will be in my best interest.

Again, it was the hiring freeze period in the year 2015! By Oct 2015, somehow I came to realize that I had a “job karma” and so I continued to strive for even more Daimoku and trust only The Gohonzon. Soon I landed myself in State Board handling a major project for national development. But again, it wasn’t going to last for long as my contract was ending in May 2016, just after 7 months of starting this job. Fortunately, with abundant protection from The Gohonzon, my contract was extended for another 3 months, until Aug 2015.During these 3 months, I made a determination to definitely see “actual proof” of my practice, resulting in getting me into a reputable and stable company which would be related to what I was currently studying. Through daily abundant Daimoku, I was able to face confidently the struggles through these 3 months in finding a job through my 3rd hiring freeze period.

                 I am happy to report that I finally got a job before the end of the 3rd month. This job is with a reputed and stable company, one in which I am directly hired by the company, with benefits that are at par with the permanent staff, convenient work location very near to my house and lastly, it is a job that is related to what I am studying. So my prayers have been answered just the way I had expected them to, helping me reach my goals abundantly and beautifully. This is a job that I should have got earlier in my struggle but due to my results and lack of experience in the field of IT, I was unable to get through.

There were times when I had almost lost this position due to some mistakes in scheduling the timing of my interview as well as misplacing my portfolio when the handover was done. But because I was diligently chanting, I could really feel the strong protection of the Buddhist Gods around me helping me to overcome each and every obstacle in my way!

The period from Oct 2014 – August 2016, nearing almost 2 years, I encountered my “ job karma” but because I chanted abundant Daimoku with the strong determination to overcome and transform this karma, I was always protected. Despite the hiring freeze I was successful in securing a job all throughout these 2 years.

                 Through my own experiences, I believe having complete & pure Faith is essential, along with daily chanting (Practice), in order to elevate our Buddha nature. This helps us accumulate good fortune and the wisdom to overcome any crisis. I also believe it is very important to invest your time into the third pillar of practicing The Mystic Law and that is Study. It really helps to read about this Buddhism and people’s success testimonials, to gain the wisdom and inner strength while facing life’s challenges.

I have learnt that with perseverance & the determination to make a breakthrough, one can overcome one’s karma even when it seems impossible. As long as we believe, we can transform every uncertainty into wisdom and the audacity of hope!

I am now moving on to transforming my next karma: my “financial karma” and I am sure I will very soon be able to share my breakthrough with all of you.


Doris KOH

(Singapore Soka Association[SSA] Member)


Shiti Gautam

Shiti Gautam is a member of Singapore Soka Association (an affiliate of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), Japan) since Dec 2013. Through this website & an Android app, TogetherWeChant(SGI Buddhism), she & her friend aim to contribute to Worldwide Kosenrufu through the Online platform. These two have a Mission of "1M.1M", which aims to help 1 Million people connect globally & chant 1 Million Daimoku each, not only for their own victory but for the victory of others too !
To know more about chanting of The Mystic Law, read Shiti Gautam's articles on her website, http://www.togetherwechant.com under the blogs & explore sections. Testimonials are the actual proof of victories achieved for others by chanting for them. Contribute yours too!

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