Your Victory is My Victory

1 million Lotus flowers connect & blossom through chanting 1 million
Daimoku each

Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism (NDB)

Through our website, let us know more about this amazing life changing philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism (NDB) and chant together The Mystic Law (Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō) with our vision of “Your Victory is My Victory“. So we chant not only to achieve victory for “our own” personal goals, but also help our friends, new & existing, achieve Victory in fulfilling “their” personal goals.

Our Journey

It has been a wonderful journey for me ever since I started chanting NMHRK, in Dec 2013, in Singapore (with the Singapore Soka Association, SSA). This practice has surely been a life changing experience for me such that chanting the Mystic Law is now an integral part of my being. To me it is something as vital as my daily breath!

As I complete 3 years into this practice in Dec. 2016, I want to celebrate my victories up until now with millions of people around the world, as well as open a platform for people to come and share their own success stories too. This will be our way to pay our utmost gratitude to The Mystic Law, The Gohonzon & our mentors & comrades in faith at the SGI.

Amazing Experience

Only recently I have had an amazing experience of victory by having chanted for a friend’s husband’s victory from a life-threatening accident he encountered in June 2016. He is perfectly fine now, out of danger and he has finally started work once again from 01-Nov 2016.

Having chanted for a friend’s victory, with full devotion & conviction, not losing faith even for a second, I was successful in finally seeing her Victory really happen. For the first time I understood the power of the phrase, “Your Victory is My Victory”. I share my full testimonial here.

Your Victory is My Victory

In collaboration with my friend, who is also a practitioner of this life changing philosophy of The Lotus Sutra, we bring to everyone their own website, “”. It is our way to pay gratitude to The Mystic Law, The Gohonzon, The SGI & our comrades in Faith. Engaging the online platform, we contribute to worldwide Kosenrufu, helping millions of people connect & chant for each other’s victory to bring abundance and good fortune throughout humanity !

Come join us on this amazing journey of “1M.1M”

Shiti Gautam {Member, Singapore Soka Association(SSA)} & My Friend (Believer)