21 Things to NEVER DO when chanting – Part ONE

When you chant, you must “ONLY CHANT”, with a strong conviction to overcome your life’s challenges and do your own Human Revolution!!

Daimoku is the time to enrich your Buddha nature, so make the most of your time during chanting. Put in your entire potential into chanting for the victory of your deepest desires and goals, for yourself and others as well.

As you decide to sit down for chanting NMHRK, remember these 21 things you should never do when chanting.

With this Tri-Part Series, I bring to you the first 7 things to Never Do when chanting:

1. DO NOT DOUBT THE GOHONZON: Doubt comes from worry and worry comes from lack of Faith! Have complete Faith in your potential and power to fulfil your goals through daily chanting of NMHRK to the Gohonzon which resides within yourself.

2. DO NOT CONSIDER THE GOHONZON AS OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF: Gohonzon is like a mirror of your life that reflects your true inner-self, in your daily environment through the situations you face and the people you encounter. Through chanting, you cleanse this mirror of your life and so it is not something that is exterior to yourself. It is within you, allowing you to shine bright through wisdom, courage & compassion!

3. DO NOT PERFORM IDOL WORSHIP OF THE GOHONZON: Since this practice of chanting NMHRK is about awakening your innate Buddhahood, chanting in front of the Gohonzon is not to be done by performing any rituals or begging in front of it to fulfil your dreams and goals. It is a reflection of your inner life and so please chant with the belief that Gohonzon is an integral part of your own system.

4. DO NOT CHANT WITHOUT GOALS: Goal-less chanting is considered aimless and so it is advisable to chant for the victory of your goals or those of others (friends/family/society or the world, at large)

5. DO NOT THINK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS: No problem is mightier than the Gohonzon! Believe in this as you chant abundant & vigorous Daimoku!

6. DO NOT MAKE STRATEGIES TO RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS: Only one strategy to be deployed – Always Daimoku First!

7. DO NOT DOUBT YOUR POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: As you chant NMHRK, your inner strength and conviction to achieve your goals will increase manifold. Do not doubt your own potential!

Let us put into practice these 7 pointers first of all and then progress to the other 14 that will follow soon in Part Two & Part Three of this series!

Happy Chanting ❤



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